Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Collected Kitchen

What do you do when a client's kitchen needs a few updates to make it as modern as its neighboring rooms but any changes are probably a few years off? You've got to get creative...really creative.

The current conundrum: Upfitting an older kitchen that won't be updated any time soon to make it as cool as its dining room/sun room counterparts. Kitchens host so many surfaces and materials that are almost always hard and solid. Creating a beautiful, modern kitchen from scratch has quite a different set of challenges than making an outdated place look au courant. This kitchen I'm working on now boasts fun black and white tile flooring, butcher block and white porcelain tile countertops with a few blue and white tile accents. If that wasn't enough of a mix, we've got to tie in the pale pink that the dining room wall shares with the kitchen and eliminate the dark navy accents that actually do make some sense. What was I thinking??

My plan: Go with this eclectic mix and ram into it full force. We're going to up the amperage on the blue and white without paint and with ginger jars. They are unexpected in this space yet fully functional as countertop storage and will look just as good against the pale pink walls as they will with the backsplash's blue and white tiles. I'm also going to play with the black and white tile reference by adding some kitschy black floral throw pillows to the rattan bar stools. They will help make the space feel homey and luckily have a bit of blue and pink in them! Lastly, a few collectibles like china and artwork will be on display. I particularly am drawn to the Tobacco Leaf pattern because it does display so many fun and bright colors. It will seal the deal with every single color in the kitchen.

In the end, I think the result will be a really fun and personal space. It will be well collected, cozy and unlike most of the kitchen pins you'll see on Pinterest! In this day and age of unrealistic expectations, I think this space will challenge the notions of perfection and celebrate the charms of imperfection...with good taste, of course. Stay tuned (and cross your fingers for me)!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

J.Crew Becomes Duchess-Worthy


New York City is always magical this time of year. This December, the vibe was even more exciting with a quick visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. You've probably all seen how Kate and William stayed at the Carlyle Hotel, met Beyonce and Jay-Z and got a one-arm hug from Lebron James. But what most excited this fashion lover most was seeing the princess come face to face with J.Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons and what JENNA was wearing! 

After this photo surfaced, it was time to do some immediate investigating. Could her that effortless yet fully sequined top possibly be from J.Crew?! Turns out the top is part of J.Crew's high end Collection line. It's styled beautifully on the site- once with this red coat and turtleneck and with white tuxedo pants in another image.



Unfortunately, many pieces in the Collection line have very few sizes left. That might be okay considering the sequin top's retail price is over $1000...it's certainly fit for a queen though!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

By The Chimney With Care...

Are you ready for a little holiday decor chat? Or are you up to your eyeballs in it and ready to think about something else?? I'll make this brief just in case you're the latter! 
A friend of mine recently told me she was having the hardest time finding Christmas stockings she really liked. Her sweet family is just beginning to grow as she is married with an adorable baby boy who recently turned one. Like many girls who are trying to plan for their family, she was looking for a beautiful stocking with a little bit of charm and a lot of longevity. It had to be the piece they would pull out at Christmas year after year, they would fill with Santa's tiny surprises and cheerfully sift through together on Christmas morning. When she just couldn't find anything that fit that bill, I offered to help get one made and imagine my delight when she agreed! We had a little inspiration, she gave me a color scheme and we came up with a design...


The stockings for this family of three were completed yesterday and are off to the monogram shop today! We are both so pleased with how they turned out! I can't wait to see these hanging on their mantel this year.

 It truly warms my heart to think about these sweet friends of mine using these stockings every Christmas. It's such a special time of year and this family is very special to me. When you get to help create pieces for people's homes, big or small, it is TRULY an HONOR. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to make people happy and help make things that will last. 

 So there's my Christmas story for this year!! Happy holidays to all of you!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

You Betta Werk!

Contact me at lsuggsinteriors@gmail.com if you're interested in any of the products above but are having difficulty sourcing a retailer.

Could you get some good work done in a room like this one? Just because you have to get down to serious business doesn't mean you have to sacrifice personality and style! I think I would just wallpaper one wall in that fun dog silhouette wallpaper and paint the other three walls a nice cream shade. How fabulous is that faux crocodile desk?! I love that touch of unexpected texture while the tufted upholstered chair, scalloped chandelier and oriental style rug keep the room cozy. Of course, acrylic desktop accessories keep your eye on the prize and not on your storage...

Now let's get back to work!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

That Southwest Flavor

In the midst of holiday gift guides and Christmas decor inspiration, my mind can't help but wander to a completely off topic subject. If you came to this site today looking for great holiday ideas, I'm sorry. I'll get some to you soon, I promise! But I have been so majorly drawn to Southwestern influences lately and I really can't explain why. The geometric shapes and warm colors soothe the soul. They remind me of good times spent in the desert and how I can't wait to go back to visit someday. Do these speak to you too or am I cuckoo? (Don't answer that second part.)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Art Walk & Talk


Yesterday's blog post focused on inspiration from an Oliver Gal print for sale on Joss & Main. Oliver Gal had a showroom at High Point Market but I did not go in and explore it. Possibly a mistake. But I did visit the Natural Curiosities showroom back in October. In fact, the first image in the sequence above was taken there and it got a heck of a lot of attention on my Instagram feed. You've no doubt seen Natural Curosities' pieces before- their Paule Marrot textiles framed in lucite are perennial favorites (Her "Lavender" print hangs in my own bedroom.) and their Lord Bodner octopus triptych was made famous years ago after a cameo appearance on some tv show. (Does anyone remember that? I remember loving it but can't remember what the show was.) But Natural Curiosities has such a wide selection beyond those recognizable pieces- gilded feathers that will remind you of angel's wings, wooden rings of a tree trunk that somehow look edgy and glamorous and now they even offer chinoiserie style panels. I'm a sucker for artwork inspired by nature so you can imagine my obsession with a company called Natural Curiosities!




Speaking of chinoiserie inspired artwork, another one of my favorite art series at High Point Market were the painted silk panels from Bungalow Five. Known mostly for their lacquered wooden furniture, Bungalow Five has branched out into painted panels and it's genius. Framed wallpapers are all the rage right now and these are their ready-made, low maintenance cousins. A de Gournay wallpaper panel will easily run you $1500+ and that's just for one...unframed. Bungalow Five's versions are by no means cheap but they will save you loads compared to the real deal.

Art can be tricky...not to mention expensive! You want to get it right the first time. Before you put holes in your wall, consider a few things:

1- Dimensions
 Measure your wall. Measure the piece. Measure any furniture that will be placed near the piece. Make sure nothing is encroaching on your masterpiece unless you decide to do so strategically.

2- Scale
Are you hanging one piece on a massive wall? Sometimes artwork seems bigger before you get it in place at home. If the piece speaks to you so loudly that you must have it but can't really find a place for it, consider combining it with your existing art to create a gallery wall. Tie your collage together with your color scheme or even your frame style.

3- Theme
If your aesthetic is one of eclecticism, then you may be able to get away with hanging a 19th century style portrait next to a chic Gray Malin photograph. Otherwise, stick to a definitive style or some sort of motif that ties your pieces together.

4- Framing
Frames aren't cheap either so take a discerning look at the options. Pay attention to the other finishes in the room and tie it in. Your frame doesn't have to be an exact match but it needs to at least pretend that it's trying to fit in.

Bonus Tip:
If you have the option of borrowing a piece on approval, you should certainly try to take advantage of it. There is no replacing the convenience of looking at the very piece you want in your own home without a commitment.

I hope these art tips help you and that some of this artwork inspires you too! If you have questions about any of the artwork or the companies in this post, shoot me an email at lsuggsinteriors@gmail.com. Happy art hunting!